Special Events

Christensen Lighting creates truly inpirational lighting for Special Events

Special Events Lighting

Christensen Lighting believes in using lighting as a powerful, integral element in communicating content messages and in guiding the visitors’ experience in exhibitions

Design Process

Christensen Lighting meets architectural programming requirements by applying practical and innovative solutionsfor lighting design and energy efficiency, balancing the needs and uses of daylight, lighting calculations, energyefficiency and artificial lighting to achieve a coherent aesthetics.

More than illuminating buildings and interiors,architectural lighting accentuates forms, delineates spaces, improves function, and evokes a sense of place andtime.Christensen Lighting uses cutting edge technology to further the art of lighting design and its applications indiverse fields of interactive experiences and communication.


Clarity in the process: intention, knowledge, technique, art. Collaboration with designers and fabricators from the start to the completion of the project. Using theatrical lighting as our creative foundation.